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11选5任3必中方法:Anshun City’s Foreign Trade Exports Completed 254 Million Us Dollars in 2018

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It was learned from Anshun City business work conference in 2019 that in 2018, key business indicators such as foreign trade import and export and online retail sales increased steadily, and the target tasks for the whole year were exceeded in advance, contributing positively to the sustained and healthy social and economic development of the city.

In the past year, the city’s foreign trade import and export completed 254 million US dollars, ranking fourth in Guizhou Province; the growth rate was 17.15%, ranking second in the province; online retail sales reached 810 million yuan, ranking sixth in the province; the growth rate was 111.4%, ranking second in the province; the total growth rate of retail sales of social consumer goods ranked sixth in the province; the actual use of foreign capital reached 94 million US dollars, a growth rate of 10.59%. The support for superiors was remarkable, with the accumulated total funds of 85,664,800 yuan.

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