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体彩11选5开奖查询:Tourism Flourishes during the Spring Festival Holiday in Anshun City

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Co. Ltd.七星 www.rpas2.com During the Spring Festival Golden Week of 2019, Anshun City’s tourist popularity index continued to flourish, civilized tourism became a common trend, and comprehensive benefits have been achieved. No major tourism quality complaints and safety liability accidents happened in the city, and five unified goals of “safety, order, quality, efficiency, civilization” for high-quality holiday tourism has been fulfilled. 


The city received a total of 2.5418 million domestic and foreign tourists during the Spring Festival holiday this year, , an increase of 33.09% year-on-year, and a tourism income of 1.727 billion yuan has been realized, an increase of 38.1%.

The reception capacity of the main scenic spots of the city, including Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Dragon Palace, Getu River, Hongshan Lake, Tianlong Tunpu and Pingba Xiaohewan were all over 10,000, among which the most popular scenic spot, Huangguoshu Waterfalls, has received 155,500 tourists, achieving a total income of 14.603 million yuan.

In terms of tourist transportation, 62 flights have been arrived and departed at Huangguoshu Airport from February 4th to 9th (New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of lunar January), transporting 6,872 passengers, an increase of 1.16% over the same period of last year. Anshun West High-Speed Railway has a total of 21,000 passengers entering and leaving the station from February 4th to 10th (New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of lunar January).

In terms of tourism reception, the occupancy rate of the five hotels in the city that are included in the monitoring of tourist hotels in the city is more than 60%. Howard Johnson Hot Spring Resort Hotel received the highest number of visitors, which is 3,417. And the occupancy rate is 87.57%.

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