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11选5缩水软件超强版:New achievements made in rural road maintenance in Anshun City

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Co. Ltd.七星 www.rpas2.com Road management and protection work in Anshun City has made new progress in 2018, providing a strong road access guarantee for the decisive battle against poverty and the determination of a comprehensive well-off society and the construction of rich and beautiful Anshun.


Four annual large and medium-sized renovation projects have been completed, with a total of 23.26 kilometers and an investment of 21.11 million yuan; five dangerous bridge reconstruction plans have been completed, with a total of 182 meters and an investment of 7.33 million yuan; nine general national provincial road disaster recovery projects have been implemented, with a total of 127.26 kilometers and an investment of 153.49 million yuan. Meanwhile, rural road safety life protection project with the length of 1,000 kilometers has been built. A total of 196 projects were started, the hidden dangers with the mileage of 1200 kilometers have been handled, and the total investment was 222.04 million yuan. All projects have been completed and 120% of the annual target tasks has been realized.

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