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11选5助手:Anshun West Passenger Terminal is officially put into use   

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Co. Ltd.七星 www.rpas2.com   On the morning of January 21, the launching ceremony of the 2019 Spring Festival Transportation and the official operation of Anshun West Passenger Terminal was held. This marks the official opening of the West Passenger Transport Hub, which has been built for more than 560 days, and filled the blank of no passenger hub interchange station in the west of the downtown area.

  It is learned that the West Passenger Transport Hub is the only integrated passenger hub interchange station in the city, and it is also one of the eight demonstration integrated passenger hub interchange stations in the province. Its planning and construction was carried out in strict accordance with the standards of the national first-class automobile passenger transport hub. At present, there are up to 6 lines of operating vehicles, covering all counties and districts, and the daily average passengers can reach 15,000. It guarantees the transfer of local residents and foreign tourists to and from Anshun.

  In the next step, the Terminal will also improve the service system, maintain the traffic order around and keep a clean environment in order to ensure the stable operation of the hub station.

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