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11选5甘肃:Getu River Scenic Area upgraded and reopened on February 1   

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Co. Ltd.七星 www.rpas2.com   On January 23, it was learned that the upgrading and renovation of the Getu River Scenic Area in Ziyun Autonomous County is coming to an end and will be reopened on February 1.

  Since May 2 last year, the Getu River Scenic Area has been upgraded and refurbished in accordance with the 5A standard. During the transformation, the tourist service center, parking lot, ticket gate, dock, tourist trail and pontoon are upgraded. At the same time, commercial streets and tourist toilets are built, and the integrated information system and the website of the scenic spot are optimized and upgraded. The total investment is expected to reach 200 million yuan.

  The upgraded and transformed tourist service center is equipped with a tourist service command center and a service division system. At present, the infrastructure construction of some areas is still under construction. The scenic area will improve the infrastructure and service functions through trial operation.

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