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江苏11选5走势图:The First Smart Garbage Classification Bin in Anshun is Popular   

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Co. Ltd.七星 www.rpas2.com   On the morning of February 18, in Macao Community of Xixiu District, the reporter saw that the first smart garbage classification bin which had been put into use by the community several years ago was popular with the residents.


  The smart garbage classification bin is placed in the fourth community of XinTianDi Community at Macao Community. The garbage can be recycled if residents scan the garbage card in the scanning place; if different garbage is thrown in, the weight of the garbage will be displayed immediately and synchronously turned into points which can be exchanged for gifts; there is a unique QR code on the garbage bag, residents can get the garbage bag for free.

  It is learned that each household resident can apply for a garbage card which will record the relevant information of residents. At the beginning of each month, residents can get garbage bags for free with the garbage card. There is a QR code which can acquire the information of residents on each garbage bag. When getting the garbage bag, the information of residents is bound to the information of the garbage bag. As long as residents classify and pack the garbage, scan the garbage card in the scanning place and choose the garbage classification button, the classification bin will be opened and the garbage will be collected and recycled.

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